TEACH4SD’s journey started with a simple idea around ‘putting teachers first’ as a key to unlock the transformative capacities of students and future workers. Hence, if we are to succeed in the Green transition, teachers and trainers are a sort of ‘obligatory passage point’.

“TEACH4SD is driven by the desire to create better futures, narratives, and discourses, not only for me or the people involved, but also for our children and everyone else. It’s a meaningful agenda to work with.”

“It feels like we have already been working on it for some time because the TEACH4SD consortium has a certain age, so I think we have a good and robust framework to start the project over the next four years.”

“That’s what makes it awesome, these are awesome people even though it can involve some complex and scary perspectives, there is also an immense amount of hope and energy in the people you work with.”

We are happy you’re joining us on the journey of making a better future.