“TEACH4SD is driven by the desire to create better futures, narratives, and discourses, not only for the people involved, but for our future generations. It’s a meaningful agenda to work with.


TEACH4SD is a groundbreaking project supported by the esteemed Erasmus+ programme Centres of Vocational Excellence, dedicated to leading the development, testing, and validation of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) practices. The project is oriented towards the ambitions put forward by the European Green Deal on tackling climate and environmental-related challenges. The objective of TEACH4SD is to mobilize industry, research and innovation capacities and link them in new and innovative ways with the education and training sector. For sustainability transitions to become successful, it is the guiding principle for TEACH4SD to empower and educate teachers to take on a leading role as change-makers and thereby contribute to the European ambition that the green transition be socially fair and just. TEACH4SD is an acronym for Transforming Education Area and Competency Hub for Sustainable Development.  

Our mission: Lead the transition 

Our mission is to fully integrate and scale certified Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) approaches across vocational and educational training (VET) institutions and higher education institutions (HEIs) throughout Europe, in collaboration with key industry partners. TEACH4SD will empower and educate teachers to take on a leading role as change-makers in the sustainable transition. We wish to empower European students and a future work force through the green skills and competences needed to successfully make a sustainable transition and transformation. 

TEACH4SD consists of five regional Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVEs) each responding to the needs and challenges of one of five sectors forming part of the backbone of the European labour market: health, trade, entrepreneurship, clothing & textiles, and construction. TEACH4SD will join forces in a collective action to develop and innovatively advance vocational excellence within sustainability to equip future workforces with the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for personal fulfilment and development, employability, social inclusion, and active citizenship. 

The project runs for four years and ends on June 14, 2027. 

We are happy you’re joining us on the journey of making a better future.