“TEACH4SD is driven by the desire to create better futures, narratives, and discourses, not only for the people involved, but for our future generations. It’s a meaningful agenda to work with.

Goals and progression

TEACH4SD has six main objectives:

  1. To carry out a state-of-the-art review on ESD in combination with a systematic needs assessment and skills gap analysis for the purposes of developing and delivering an ESD road map. 
  1. To design a methodology and concept for the purposes of developing and delivering educational material prototypes addressing the challenges and opportunities identified by the road map.  
  1. To transfer concept and educational material prototypes to the five CoVEs for each to carry out roll-out implementation and deliver quality input for concept validation and refinement in collaboration with industry partners.  
  1. To establish and facilitate a corps of certified ambassadors and institutions appointed to be ‘capacity builders’ and ESD agents of transformation in VET institutions, higher education and industry.  
  1. Consolidate results to develop and deliver long-term eco-systems for reskilling and upskilling based on validated roll-out of implementation pilots and by feedback forms, learning loops from ambassadors and institutions.  
  1. To establish and launch a European Centre of Vocational Excellence Platform, containing an open access Digital ESD Academy for community and network building, knowledge sharing and capacity building within and beyond the five regional CoVEs. To facilitate and support the integration and scaling of ESD practice creation among the partners and stakeholders of the TEACH4SD ecosystem and beyond. 

As the project progresses, this page will be updated with results and findings.