“TEACH4SD is driven by the desire to create better futures, narratives, and discourses, not only for the people involved, but for our future generations. It’s a meaningful agenda to work with.

Upcomming Events

ESD Road map conference, September 2024 

Two-day conference in Barcelona.  More information will be coming soon. 

Previous Events

ESD-TALK#2 “Uncovering Skills For The Future In Healthcare” 

May 22nd at 2pm we launched the second ESD-talk .This ESD-talk looked into the health sector from the skills side. The healthcare sector is currently struggling with the increasing elderly population and the consequences of this (i.e. age-related diseases), which outs other requirements on the future workforce. 

In the ESD-TALK Claire Nassiet, Head of Innovation Adoption & Healthcare Transformation, EIT Health, and Matilda Åberg-Wennerholm, Partnership /Collaboration Lead, EIT Health Scandinavia. Claire Nassiet and Mathilda Åberg-Wennerholm present Pact for Skills for Partnership for the European Health Industry with a view on skills needed in the future and the green transition. 

Panel debate: Implementing ESD in the Healthcare Sector Seeing from different Perspectives. Susanne Jastrup, Head of Education for the nursing programme in VIA University College. Sigrid Amalie Beierholm, student ambassador for SDG Ambassador corps at VIA University College and Birgitte Woge Nielsen, educator at VIA University College. 

ESD-TALK #1 – “European Progress on integrating Sustainable Development in Education”

On January 23rd at 2pm, we launched our first webinar ESD-TALK!

In the first edition we were proud to welcome Vera Leuner, Policy Officer in DG Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion, as the main speaker who shared the European Commission’s initiatives on skills for the green transition.

This webinar marked the first ESD Talk out of four annual sessions during the four-year project.

TEACH4SD Kickoff in Aarhus, Denmark, 2023

October 26th and 27th, we held our kick-off conference in Aarhus. It was two days filled with exciting discussions and shared goals! We also had the pleasure to welcome Elsebeth Gerner Nielsen, Chairperson of the Danish National UNESCO Commission, and Director of Diversiunity, Jakob Feldtfos Christensen, who delivered exciting and thought-provoking presentations and workshops.
It was a pleasure to meet all of the project partners, and we look forward to a great collaboration over the next four years.